The best forex demo account

When getting started trading in Forex trading, many traders struggle with learning how to use the online platform, what strategies to use, and how to take advantage of the tools at their disposal.

That’s why using a Forex demo account can be not only beneficial but crucial to achieving the success traders are looking for when choosing the currency exchange market to invest their money. What is more, the Forex market is not only the largest but also the most liquid one in the world. This means a lot more opportunities to make a considerable income, but also a higher risk. Read more

Learn to trade Forex

Forex trading is one of the most popular investment options for newer traders and more experienced ones. It’s an active market where there is always something happening, which keeps traders hooked and interested.

The Forex market also allows for a few tools that make Forex trading more exciting and fun, taking advantage of the particularities of the Forex market. Have you ever heard of leverage? Read more

Forex trading for beginners

Forex trading has become very popular in the last years, even if it has earned a reputation for being hard and risky. Do not fear! With the right guidance and learning the necessary steps, traders can learn to have realistic expectations and make a steady income.

That is why in this guide we will discuss Forex trading for beginners, explaining the basic concepts that rule the world of currency exchange, as well as trading strategies, and tips on how to become a successful forex trader. Read more

Best Stock/Forex Brokers USA [UPDATED 2021]

New technological advances these days are giving a chance to ordinary people to accumulate stocks and gain from financial assets in ways that have never been seen before. 

The influence of trading apps on the market for this new generation is still being evaluated, however, after the so-called “GameStonk” (GameStop peaking for hundreds of USD per share after Reddit) and the incredible success of platforms such as eToro, the retail sector shouldn’t be underestimated. 

That’s why retail brokers and social trading platforms are getting stronger in the United States too, and many Americans are wondering which one is the best Stock and Forex broker in the USA. Read more

Best Stock/Forex Brokers in UK [UPDATED 2021]

Online trading is becoming more and more relevant today in the United Kingdom, and this trend is not going away anytime soon. However, in order to enter the financial market, you will have to consult a professional figure called a broker.

Forex and Stock brokers have the key task of facilitating trades on both markets. They will provide the customer with a trading platform, through which any trader can trade at any moment thanks to modern technology. All we will need to do to start using a trading platform will be a trading account provided by a broker, as long as they are chosen the right way. Read more

Best Stock/Forex Brokers In New Zealand [UPDATED 2021]

The possibility for amateur investors to participate in financial markets has been made far more easier than before thanks to the rise of a multitude of trading platforms, with plenty of online brokers offering their services. And that’s also the case for New Zealand.

With that being said, new traders and online investors must expect volatility while trading in these financial markets,  meaning also that they shouldn’t invest more than what they are willing to lose. Read more

Best Stock/Forex Brokers In Canada [UPDATED 2021]

Online trading has become a huge phenomenon today and everybody wants to be part of it. Due to international recent events and to the fact that many people are restrained in their houses because of the stay-at-home orders after the pandemic waves of , online trading has boomed in Canada.

With that being said, there are so many brokerage services and names on the net that one may feel overwhelmed by this tsunami of information. Plus, there’s even the chance to encounter misleading info and frauds on your way to inform yourself in order to choose a broker to start trading in stocks and FX pairs. Read more

Best Stock/Forex Brokers In Australia [UPDATED 2021]

Retail brokers are becoming more and more relevant nowadays, and traders from all over the world are booming and merging together in enormous groups in order to share info and trade as one. 

This resurging interest towards Forex trading and (especially) stock trading touched Australians too. But while in the meantime there’s also some noise regarding the topic, this trend doesn’t seem to stop at all.

That’s why this guide will give you all the instruments to choose wisely who’s going to be your future broker, how to achieve that in order to start trading in the aforementioned markets and, last but not least, give you a list of the best stock & Forex brokers in Australia for 2021. Read more

Best Stock/Forex Brokers In India [UPDATED 2021]

Stock and Forex trading have become a trendy activity for many wealthy Indian residents nowadays, and due to the recent news from abroad retail trading became even more popular. 

With the second largest population in the world and a ramping growth in national economy, India result as one of the most coveted country for brokerage services around the world, and you can now find online an incredible amounts of names and firms regarding the topic 

But not many of them are worth a look. Read more

Best Stock/Forex Brokers In Malaysia [UPDATED 2021]

Stock and Forex trading have grown in popularity in Malaysia enormously in the last decade due to the technological advancement which involved all the region. If you are new to this sector or if you are an unsatisfied Malaysia-based trader, this guide will show you the best trading options available in the country.

But before we start with our top 4 list of the best brokers in Malaysia for stock and Forex trading, we think it should be useful to share with you the main criteria which made this list possible.

Before You Start

To start trading in a financial market, you will have to open a trading account with a broker. Read more